scientific medicine to the detriment of his own health that of his
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supposed that Dr. Fleming proposed limited classes. He could
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to the performance of partial amputation of the cervix. It
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and in small quantities at least in those complaints in which
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number of previously untreated cases and the observations carried
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without advantage and even dangerous to the patient besides
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absorption is so slight as to be practically without
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been demonstrated first that peritonitis from its several
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and lesions almost invariably occur through exaggera
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of whatever mechanical treatment is pursued is to my mind of
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Infectious Disease Notification Act or Part I of the
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main near zero. This shows then that the instant the
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of the Uterine muscle and when also there is no obstruction V
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After fruitlefs perfuafions to take food fhe ftarved herfelf to death.
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of the experiments showed that tin Radium D obtained in this way had
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Bolton. Mr Gregory of Bolton has been appointed Medical
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required for transmitting a rapidly moving wave or vibration
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and tetanic the ursemic convulsion is classed may be due to
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of entrance in most of them presented a peculiar appearance
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which we have now reason to think may even have been connected
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