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14-Feb-2007 12:37:AM
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Collinge & Co Contact Details

Collinge & Co Contact Details
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Funeral Planning--Everything You Need to Know about Funerals, Funeral Homes and Grief Support

Welcome to funeral plan, we are able to assist you in every aspect of planning and preparing a funeral. We have provided this information web site that can be used free of charge, helping to make the whole funeral process run smoother. This is an unsurpassed funeral resource, focusing on funeral planning, financing funerals, funeral products and services. We also offer advice on grief support and counseling.

You can also learn about caskets, cremation urns,and other products and services.

Cremation Urns
More and more people are choosing to be cremated, and there are even more choices for cremation urns than for caskets. Find out what your choices are and what each type consists of, as well as what contributes to the cost.

Choosing a Casket
What are the different types of caskets? How do I know which one is right for me? What determines a casket's cost? What's the difference between 18 gauge steel and 20 gauge steel? What materials are available? What if I want to be cremated, but still want a visitation? The answer to these questions--and many more--are found here.


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How to plan a funeral, a Helpful Guide to Funeral Planning

This is especially true when planning your own funeral or that of a family member or friend. The following outlines some basic information about the types of funerals available and the many ways a funeral director can provide assistance. It should help answer some of your questions and encourage you to ask others. Most important, it should help you make informed choices when arranging the type of personalized funeral service that will truly celebrate a life that has been lived to the fullest.

Selecting a Funeral Director

When selecting a funeral director, talk with as many people as necessary to get a feeling for the personal qualities you prefer. Consider the funeral director’s:

  • Experience
  • Ability to answer all your questions
  • Reputation
  • Ability to clearly explain and provide a range of prices that are within your means

Plan Funeral Ltd also encourage you to consider the quality of the funeral firm and its ability to accommodate the needs of your family; don’t hesitate to inspect facilities. Ultimately, you should select the funeral director with whom you are most comfortable – the person you find to be patient, compassionate, open-minded and understanding.

Funeral Director Services

When a death occurs, a number of items require simultaneous attention. Regardless of the day or hour, your funeral director is prepared to respond to your needs and assist with all the details, such as:

  • taking custody of and caring for the body
  • Securing all necessary licenses and death certificates
  • Coordinating details with your designated clergy member
  • Arranging and setting in motion your funeral plans
  • Notifying friends and relatives, casket bearers, your solicitor, etc.

There are many other services your chosen funeral director may provide.

Selecting Funeral Service Preferences and Options

A funeral service gives family and friends the opportunity to gather and publicly celebrate and reflect on the life of a loved one, as  we all as draw strength and support from each other.

No single type of funeral service is right for everyone. A funeral director’s goal is to help plan a personalized and meaningful tribute. When selecting funeral service options, you may wish to meet with the funeral director alone or with a trusted advisor present.
You should feel comfortable discussing your feelings, preferences and options.

Disposition Alternatives
Your funeral director will inform you about the types of disposition – the final handling of the deceased’s remains – and help you make the appropriate choice.


Earth Burial
The most popular form of interment, earth burial requires a cemetery plot and usually includes additional costs, such as fees for opening and closing the grave. Monuments or makers – available in a variety of materials, styles and prices – are typically placed at the grave as a memorial.

Above Ground Burial
Entombment requires purchasing a crypt within a mausoleum specifically designed for that purpose.

If above ground burial is preferred, the urn may be placed in a niche within a columbarium – a building designed specifically for this purpose. For earth burial, the urn may be buried within a cemetery. Your funeral director can explain other alternatives and assist in making arrangements. If you choose cremation, all other funeral services – visitation, viewing of the body and funeral service – still can be conducted.

Funeral Costs

A funeral service, in its broadest sense, includes professional services of the funeral director and other staff, use of the funeral home’s facilities and vehicles, and related items, such as caskets or urns.

Plan Funeral Ltd will provide you with a general price list, and you should feel free to speak frankly about costs. Plan Funeral Ltd maintain a wide selection of funeral items
(some described below), and your funeral director will help you select only those you need or want.

There are a variety of caskets available to meet your needs. Each offers a range of features and degrees of craftsmanship.

Most cemeteries require the casket be placed in a burial vault – an outer enclosure that adds protection for the casket and keeps the ground above it from settling. Burial vaults are typically made of reinforced concrete with a nonporous lining or galvanized metal. Stainless steel or copper vaults also are available.

When cremation is the choice, the remains will be placed in your choice of a permanent
container. As with caskets, urns are available in a wide range of materials, styles and prices.

Financial Assistance

Your funeral director can assist with examining and securing a number of funeral expense payment and financial assistance possibilities.

Plan Funeral Ltd hope the information provided has been helpful.  Plan Funeral Ltd are committed to assisting you with all your cremation and funeral service questions and needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complete brochure or more detailed information on this and other topics.

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